Unveiling The Musical Duet Amarachi And Obinna (Amarachi Obinna)


Amarachi Obinna is a combination of two names in one. While it's a combination of two names that made up one, it is a show of great support by her loving husband who has helped her to pursue and fulfil destiny in a grand style. Here is what the husband had to say about the unique union both at heart and music.

I and my wife (Pst & Dcns Obinna Nkemjika) hail from Imo State, Nigeria. I joined Ministry as a Pastor December 2009 and got married to my wife in April 2011 (Found her in the Choir). I am presently serving as a Missionary in the nation of Seychelles and the national pastor of Winners’ Chapel Sechelles.

We have grown together under the covering of God, mentorship and prophetic guide of Dr, David Oyedepo of whom we owe immense gratitude to and follow heartily.

Serving God is not like breathing to us, serving God is indeed breathing to us. We love the Lord and it was in hearty service and pursuit of our assignment that this vision was born.

We have never had music as a discussion since we got married, but we have always served passionately in the choir. On the 6th of June 2017 my wife asked me to lay hands on her and I asked “what for” and she said for grace. I simply did from my heart, though surprised. Few minutes later I heard her burst into singing and I listened. I thought to my self, “that song is new and it makes sense”.

Immediately, I encouraged her to record the tune and I got my tablet and browsed how to make beats, only for me to discover that I could make beats with garage band on my IOS device, which had been there for years without the icon clicked for once. To the glory of God, the song became the first ever release, which is presently on itunes.

This is why I took it upon myself as a husband to support her in every way I can. It became the birth of New Dimensionz.

She is a loving wife and mother and sister to all. Ministry and the pursuit of God is sweatless for me because of her trieless followership and help meet.

Her love for music, praise and worship to God is the seed that has germinated into New Dimensionz Recordz.

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