CRIME | We Were Ask To Carry A Coffin In Front Of An Idol – Man Shares Experience With Rivers State Anti-Cultism Unit


A young Port Harcourt Entertainment popularly known as Emi Bestshot, shared his terrible experience with the Nigerian Police, Rivers State Anti-cultism unit.

This isn't the first time an entertainer as been brutalized, even with your valid ID.

Read carefully below how Emi was brutalized and forced to swear an oat.

"This is to inform the general public that the Nigerian police force are not to be trusted with your life and properties.. yesterday 29th October has made it the second time I have be dehumanize by the Nigerian police force even with my proper identity card (I.D card) this was how it happened...

 I visited my family house on Saturday 28th October. At town ( no address for security reasons) ..on Sunday morning I was preparing to go to church when I heard sound of people running at my street then I got out of the house (still inside my gate) and I saw the Anti-Cultizim squad pursuing some group of boys while my kid brother was sited by my gate (just in front of the house).

I was surprised when I saw one of them pointed the gun at him and said he should stand up and follow them. Was dragging him and slapping him,  so I went out and ask what happened and was also begging them to free him that he is my younger brother and this is my house he is sitting and the next  thing one of them pointed his gun at me saying so am also part of them abi?  I said No. That thats my younger brother.

 Before I know it,  he brought out his handcuff and handcuffed me &  my younger brother,  then put us inside the van, one of them told the next one to disconnect us and the next move was.

 He collected my phone and my ID card and switch off the phone and started slapping my kid brother repeatedly.  I was still begging but they didn't answer me.. ( for one minute I thought it was actually kidnappers) I then ask him to give me my phone to call my people the officer said ( in his words) you wan set us up abi?  And slapped me two times.. they started arresting different innocent person to join us inside the van.. reaching their station at S.O.S by old  GRA before sacatarate..

they ask everyone of us about 8people to take off our cloths and go and swear to there idol ( juju) there is a name they use to call it.. there was this small coffin  and two status with red cloths and some other things around it.. they would call each one of us to go to the idol and kneel down then carry the coffin  on the head and say... I promise to say the truth on any question i am asked... that if I lie,  this coffin I am carrying,  is same coffin they would use to bury me.. and everyone was going to the front of the idol (juju) was swearing but when it gets to my turn i asked them to give me a bible to swear with,  that I can't bow to the idol.

 Immediately about 2 of them came to me and started beating me with stick and broom that I must carry it and bow to it and swear to it... after sometimes I had no option but to carry it on my head and swear but on my own they said I should say & I will die this 2017 and that am carrying my own coffin on my head... after everything they started taking our statement but refuse to give us the pen to write it ourselves and was asking wired questions like... What cult do you belong too?... where is your cult leader? ...have you robbed before?... do you know that tattoo is a crim?  and all this questions comes with beating attached... after like two to 3hours they gave us our phones to call our people to come and we all stated making call and when making call the would ask you to tel your people that you are a cultist.. one of them use sezus  to cut some of my breed off,  even when I was begging he was just saying am lucking that today is Sunday...  later on my dad and aunt came and we was bail.

At the moment we step out of the station I swear to God to never in my life trust the Nigerian police force for anything in my whole life till my time is up on earth... pls I beg you all to help me share this till it gets to the highest authority where something can be don... because some of those guys that was arrested with us is still there in their station..."


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