SPONSORED | PRESS RELEASE | Disturbing PH City ¦ Official Unveiling



 This is to officially announce to the general public, that a new movement (in the city of Port Harcourt) will be unveiling on the 5th of November, 2017...

The movement is aimed at projecting Port Harcourt City Positively...

It was birthed by young Entertainers with the sole aim of hosting shows, supporting each other, pushing each other and telling the world about the rich culture, talents and treasures of Port Harcourt (Rivers State)

Ladies and gents, Permit me to introduce you to "DISTURBING PH CITY - #DisturbingPHcity" Movement.....

It's not a total different movement from #PortHarcourtSabiTheTin.... As a matter of fact, it was birthed out of PHSTT... Yes, we are Disturbing PH City because Port Harcourt  Sabi the tin....

Our first show (the official unveiling of the movement) is slated for the 5th of November, with the tag: #"SOUNDS_FROM_PITAKWA (1st Edition")

Yes, we intend hosting #SoundsFromPitakwa in different locations/parts of the city, with the sole aim of Projecting our sounds to the world, and to also make our people get use to our sound..
we are here to Rebrand, Repackage and Reform it....

Just as we did designs for PHSTT, we'll also need your corporation on this one, as we'll be embarking on a worldwide disturbance soon.... JUST WAIT FOR IT

Thank you, and God bless you all..
Please let's all keep #DisturbingPHcity


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