Stop Copying My Jokes – Comedian JP Cries Out

The issue of performing other people's joke on stage as been over rated. This should stop in this part of the world. Only few comedians create or write jokes themselves.
Earlier this year, i was at an event when an upcoming comedian was called on stage to perform, on getting their, a - z of his jokes was of another comedian right before him. This must stop!
Comedian JP who is known for his hilarious ribs cracking jokes cries out, he was also affected when an unknown comedian performed his joke right before his eyes. When 818TVonline asked him what really happened, here is what he as to say....
"I was highly not happy today when I was invited to CGMI to minister today, and one of the comedians invited came and was cracking my 99.9.9% of my jokes I already set up to use in the event this morning..
When I was called upon I was nearly off balance, thanks to God for creativity and spontaneity for scaling through even if it was not a good one from me..
When I called on the young man and asked of him who gave him the materials he was dishing on stage, he said one of the comedians in Port Harcourt gave it to me...
Pls, it's not professionalism or a good thing for not just using a material from me, but haven extending it to someone I don't even no where he's coming from"
After hearing this, we asked him what he as to say to those comedians out there and here is what he said...
"I want to beg, if you've heard of any jokes from me and you want to use endeavour to let me know to give you an approval  before using it. And you must be ready to give account of all the jokes and where you've performed it to me. So I don't go somewhere to fool myself. But if you aren't willing to give report of materials or recommendation to jokes while performing, I beg of you to stay clear my jokes if you aren't willing to keep my rules...
Next time I will not take it likely from anyone.
Thanks for your understanding".
I think this is a warning to every comedian, upcoming or fast rising, you should learn to create jokes yourself, not copying people's jokes and making them look like a fool.
Source : Isaac Godwin


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