Young Port Harcourt Couple Weds In Style


What is wrong and what is right? Does love justify all your actions? You are too blind to see? What do you do when your heart races and your brain is senile? Have you ever tried to discovered love?

In this post i’ll share the meaning of love and i’ll advice you to Discover love.
According to the English dictionary, Love is An intense feeling of affection and care towards another person.
This is the story of Mr Okolocha Bright who found profound and caring attraction towards someone which is the Love of his life, Mrs Ibilate Lawson.
Bright and Ibilate have been friends for a long time. Bright was one of the many whom you call by their last name long enough to temporarily forget their first name.
The couple found love, and need not waste time in tie-in the knot.
Marking the wonderful celebration, they took the liberty of inviting the leading Red Carpet Company In Port Harcourt City, 818TVonline to take charge of the red carpet. Also, Popular Photographer Bright Dokubo, who is currently based in the city of Port Harcourt took charge of the photography, accompanying Bright Dokubo is, Bobblin and Eminence Film House.
Below are few photos from their just concluded wedding held in Marriott Garden City Hotel, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
                    Mrs Ibilate Lawson 
Mr And Mrs Okolocha Bright 
Red Carpet by 818TVonline with Grace Alexander 
                     Mr Okolocha Bright 
Happy Married Life! 


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