GIST | Popular Nigerian Graphic Designer Decries Poor Treatment Of Graphic Designers In Rivers State


Popular Nigerian Graphic Designer, Benny Odumu as poured out his displeasure with the treatment of graphic designers in the state.

Benny Odumu speaking on the issue arising with the treatment of the young graphic designers in the state, speaking he said...

"Graphic Designing and Print are mutually exclusive composite sections of a modern visual communication industry responsible for generating billions of dollars as financial turnover annually.

This symbiotic partnership is so inextricable that one will not be completely wrong to postulate that one cannot do without the other. But on the contrary a closer look at the industry with Rivers State as a microcosm reveals a reversed catalyst effect with the Graphic Designers being the more negatively impacted.

Benny Odumu went further saying...

"The low standard of Graphic Art in the State can be largely attributed to the neglect of the improvement of Graphic Designers by employers in the region.

Graphic Designers are not sent on trainings under the assumption that they become too expensive to employ or they might leave their employers, forgetting the negative impact of having quack Graphic Designers in the Industry. It has now become imperative that employed designers need to seek for personal development outside of their organization because state holders take major jobs to the more professional Designers outside the State, while they pay their designers in their offices peanuts and refuse to send them out for training where necessary. In simple terms, “If your organization is not growing you, then it is slowing your growth”.

With his dissatisfaction, he said...

"Also this is a message to the print professionals and stake holders in the industry to always remember to include the Designers fee in their budgeting, so it can enable them to pay a Professional  Graphic Designer with ease and without murmuring and or calling the ART a JUST.

We urge our stake holders and print professionals to have a rethink to help bolster the Creative and Print Industry in Rivers State, by equipping their staff with the skill set required for maximum productivity in this modern era of Visual Communication.

Let me leave this for the Graphic Designers in Rivers State to “Guide your Art with all creativity, because out of it will flow your visual communication”
God bless Rivers State,
God bless the Creative Industry,
God bless the Print Professionals and Stake holders.

I am Benny Odumu a professional Graphics/Brand Identity Designer".

I guess it's time for print professionals in the state to step up their game and support the young graphic designers in the state.


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