We Need To Keep Educating Ourselves; Video Director Bobby Rak Speaks On Port Harcourt Entertainment Industry


Bobby Rak, popular Port Harcourt video director speaks on the growth of Port Harcourt Entertainment Industry.

Speaking he said...

"When we hosted the investors edition of the short film exhibition, we had the intention of getting potential investors to come and see our abilities and consider investing. Few of the targeted individuals showed up.

Part of the plan was to invite media personnel's of every oil and gas institution we could reach. Didn't work cos we had a slim work force.
Next plan is to take the product to them and have a talk with them one on one.

However, I saw on social media a photo of a seminar organized in Lagos where entertainers spoke directly to companies with facts and statistics to prove that their investments if put into entertainment would yield profit.
This made me understand that we were on the right path.

That said, I think it would be necessary to have a seminar where company representatives would be invited and educated about the gains of investing into entertainment. This would be a conscious effort to boosting investment in entertainment.

The government leans on proceeds from oil companies. Instead of waiting for the government, why don't we approach the oil companies?
This can benefit every sector of entertainment if done correctly... BUT before we approach people to invest, we have to ask ourselves some questions... Can we deliver 100% when called upon?

Do we have the DISCIPLINE and PATIENCE to take a project from start to finish?

Is the quality of our art good enough to make profit for these investors and ourselves?"

Are we reliable?

"Do we have the strategies in place to market our skills and make the desired profit?

There are other questions besides these we need to ask ourselves before we proceed.

For the sake of our arts, families and the future generation of entertainers to come, we have to learn to deliver according to our word.

In the past, a lot of entertainers have been trusted with investments and failed without remorse. This has in turn affected us that is one reason why we lack investors.

Incomplete projects is also another problem we have. Learn to plan properly before venturing".

"We need to keep educating ourselves not just to harness our talents into skill but on how to do business".



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