8 Safety Tips For Mothers Who Board Danfo Buses With Their Kids In Port Harcourt 


8 Safety Tips For Mothers Who Board Danfo Buses With Their Kids​

I would be going through some safety tips for mothers ,fathers or guardians who boards a Danfo bus with children especially the ones going from Mile1 to Rumokoro in Port Harcourt.

1.Be Observant

Before boarding a bus , trust your motherly instincts (trust me, you have one ), if your instincts doesn’t go with the bus , don’t go in .
Be observant , if you smell something fishy , don’t go in .

2.For Pregnant Women

Well, even though the child isn’t out yet , you still have a child with you and you are boarding the bus with him or her .The front seat beside the driver is a no go area for you, especially when you are heavily pregnant .
I say this because in the event of an accident, it would be more lethal for you and the baby , most of the seat belts in these buses are either absent or faulty .
The front row seat would be a better option for you , but please don’t seat close to the door. If you must, make sure the conductor closes the door.

3.Bend Properly When Backing Your Baby

I am sure you already know this,but sometimes some mothers unintentionally don’t bend properly .Please be more alert and bend properly especially in the smaller danfo buses .
Also wear a cap for the baby so it would cushion the effect of any unintended impact on the baby’s head .

4.Don’t Rush

Its unsafe for adults to rush into moving or stationary buses , talk less of children .So be patient .

5.Your Children Should Go In Before You

Always make sure your children go in before you do, while you have one leg in the bus and the other on the ground.Make sure they are all in before you settle in.

6.When You Sit Near The Window

Kids, especially toddlers are very inquisitive.Make sure you keep them in check so they dont put their hands or their heads out of the window.I don’t need to tell you what might happen .


7.Scrutinize Lapping Offers From Strangers

Especially when you have kids almost as many as a football team, you would be tempted to give in to lapping offers from strangers.Just observe and make sure you are comfortable with them .Never allow a male lap your daughter .
8.Make Sure They Alight Before You Do

Before they alight ,make sure you look out for taxi's so they don't get brushed , and hold them tight as they alight or ask the conductor to assist.

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SOURCE: Autojosh


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