Port Harcourt Lady Shares A Story Of How Her Child Survived A Terrible Disease (photos) 


A lady who as been identified as Mrs IB on intagram shared a touching story on how her child survived a terrible disease. 

According to her the illness came all of a sudden and it took the Grace of God for her to be alive today. 

Read below her story... 

"God is too faithful..u c dis little princess here is standing only because of God's grace,she fell Ill and was diagnosed of malaria,pneumonia and tonsillities she was admitted and started her meds but after 4days she wasn't responding to treatment d doctor had to change her meds to a new set..did i mention dat she wasnt eating or talking or standing all d while ok we started d new meds n kept on taking until after 8days she got better and we were discharged..on getting home after 2 days we noticed she was tilted or bent to one side,a part of her back was swollen and she was white so we went to d hospital again and immediately d doctors said she's short of blood and needs to b transfused and she needs an xray to knw d cause of d bend,so we went for d xray and d result said her spine is bent d bone doctor called it scoliosis..She was admitted again and was transfused we stayed another 7days she started responding to treatment,started eating nd playing..we had another appointment wit d bone surgeon so he came to check her but to his surprise he said madam ur daughters bone isn't bent oh what happened..I knew God has done a surgery on my little girl God is too faithful to fail I want to use dis medium to thank God for everything he alone deserves our praises".

We say thank God for her recovery. 

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