“Social Media Influencers My Foot” Blogger Blast Rivers State Government 


It was reported that the Rivers State Government hosted some group of people tagged "Social Media Influencers" at the government house in Rivers state. 

The dinner with the so called social media influencers as triggered side talks on social media and it got people talking. "the government don't know who the social media influencers are" someone said... 

In all, popular Port Harcourt based blogger Young Endy took to his social media handle (facebook) to slam the Rivers State government for the so call dinner with social media influencers. In his post he also mentioned graphic designer Benny Odumu, who is also an alleged member of PDP.

On his post he said... 

"I heard some PDP Social Media “Junkies” Visited Rivers State Governor.Wike, and they Where Tagged Rivers State Social Media Influencers? Lol! Social Media Influencers my foot, I don't like racial politics oh!. Benny Odumu you better warn your people. #YoungEndy".

Below are photos from the dinner held in government house, Rivers State. 


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