“Stop These Mediocre Politics”- KO Baba Blast Politicians


Comedian KO Baba who has been fighting for the growth of Port Harcourt Entertainment Industry, as poured out his heart concerning the ongoing political game in the state(Rivers State).

As shared on Facebook....

"Please Rivers Politicians its a good thing that all of you now have media team and you can easily buy some of them data, thank you very much. But its very sad that we have barely seen any of your media personnel post anything to help market the state you claim to love, but you only demarketing Rivers State and keep ruining our effort as entertainers to rebrand our state.

We did Christmas in Port Harcourt and several events and projects without your support, you didn't tell your media team to talk about it. A trailer just fell at garrison, some of you have mobilized your media team to start politicizing it. If a woman has miscarriage right now in Rivers State, there will be an easy way to politicize it; both parties will publish two different stories and throw blames. Please we can hardly get big brands and the Foreign investors you wish for if you don't stop these mediocre politics. Please tell your media team to focus more on your projects, positives and not our problems all the time. They will always be time to talk about our problems, criticized constructively, at least drop the blame game as much as we can, let's talk about it and agree when solutions have been found. Lagos State had elections and moved on, here una want kill us for una problems. You are even helping these people can social media that are fighting your case.

We have PH Comedy Club, Steady Run fitness programs, GospelGangParty, Seaview Poetry events, lots of charity, good shows, vocational and educational initiatives, Port Harcourt Polo Tournament is even close by; please pick a day to talk about it. Politics this and that everyday is not a good way. When campaign starts that means you can't breathe again. Please I know very well that Gov. Wike and Rt. Hon Amaechi will not disagree with this point that's making right now, as long as they both wish us well. My friend Shawnelle Nneka Atako puts it right; that Facebook was interesting until Rivers Politicians joined Facebook. Like me, lots of us have political interest, but we can get our joy demarketing and debasing our treasure base. We take God name abeg una ooh.

I hope the Politicians in Rivers State gets this message and change their ways to support the Entertainment Industry for a better growth.





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