13 Security Tips We Must Follow To Be Safe This Easter Period (See No13 )


The Easter celebration is drawing near and everyone is on alert, hoodlums, criminals, kidnappers are on the look for who to devour.

Below are security tips to keep you safe during these period.

1. If you attend a church that has more than one service on Sunday, it is advisable that you split the family into two to attend different church services on Sundays so that the house would not be empty. But if you do not, a transistor radio with battery must be switched on when leaving d house to create an impression that somebody is at home.

2. If u are living in a compound where there are more tenants, you must be inquisitive. Any strange person entering the compound must be questioned to know if he is an intruder or not.

3. Stop the habit of soliciting for lift on the road. Many ritualists are on the road with exotic cars looking for sacrificial lambs.

4. Don't go out with your ATM cards except you are going to the bank. Hoodlums can obtain your pin at gun point and empty your account before freeing you from captivity.

5. It is advisable to stop using exotic cars this period except coupe types that are unsuitable for criminal operations. Rickety cars are very okay.

6. Beware of girls. Some are in business with kidnappers.

7. Stop going to clubs . Night outing is dangerous. Leaving home at 10pm for a club where N200 beer is sold for N800 is childish.

8. Attend any all night service nearest to your house. It is not compulsory that you must attend your church all night service.

9. Your wife or your children must not open gate for PHEDC staff to inspect d prepaid meter if you are occupying a detached bungalow . Some hoodlums are now impersonating PHEDC staff.

10. Expensive women wrappers be kept in basin that has cover. While disused clothes be kept in boxes. If hoodlums enter d house, they would go with d box.

11. Those working in oil firms or big companies should not display their ID cards outside their places of work.

12. Don't stop at any police check point at night or day time except there is a marked police vehicle.

13. If criminals are pursuing you, don't run to your house or your brother or a friend's house. Run to a nearby church or police station or hospital.

I hope these tip helps, but all i can say is don't forget to pray.


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