Army Attacks And Shut Down Ada-George Police Station In Port Harcourt


The Nigeria Police Divisional Headquarters Ada-George Port Harcourt has been shut down by The Nigeria Army.

According to reports, the men of the Nigeria Army invaded the Police Station this morning and arrested two Policemen at the station.

This is due to the death of their Member who was killed by men of the Nigeria Police (Ada-George Division) when going to the Barack this morning.

According to an i-witness, he said "The Army personnel was driving down to the base when the Police officers where conducting a stop and search on the road, the army personnel was stopped and a gun was found in his car, they couldn't allow him explain what happened, so they shot him dead".

The attack on the Police Station is to retaliate the death of the fallen Army Personnel. The Police Station has been shut down and all arrested criminals as been set free to go as nobody is at the station.

The area as been covered by Men of the Federal Anti Robbery Squad (SARS).


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