Learn How To Write A Business Plan And Proposal To Attract Investors To Your Business


Learn how to write a business plan and proposal to attract investors to your business.

What is a business plan?
A business plan is a formal statement of business goals, reasons they are achievable and plans taken to achieve them.

The fact that every business that wants to stand the taste of time needs a Business Plan can not be over emphasized, beacuse it gives us a formal guideline of how to start and run a business and make profits.

Now talking about a Proposal, no Investor will want to invest in a business without asking for a Proposal to show how you will spend the investment funds you will be given. No one wants to invest his/her money in a business where there is no potential return of investment.

A business plan gives us guide lines in writing a proposal for an investor, they both go hand in hand.

During the trainings you will be given a detailed step by step guideline on how to write a business plan and an attractive proposal for our business.

You will also be taught how to pitch your business plan to potential investors and stand a very high chance of winning them to invest in your business.

Benefits Of Attending This Training

1. You will be taught the step by step process of writing a business plan/proposal from start to finish professionally.

2. You will be taught how to write a financial plan/projections for your business.

3. You will be taught how to pitch Your business plan and proposal to attract prospective investor/Partner.

4. A handout will be given out at the end of the training for guidance and support.

5. You will be referd to organisations that funds start-up businesses.

6. You will also be taught the basics of digital marketing.

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You will be learning what people pay N100,000 and above for for just N5,000 and after learning, you can even prepare business plan for people and earn from it.

Fee: N5,000 only

Date: 18th May 2018

Venue: Oasis VIP Lounge Opposite D Dawn Car Wash Ada-George Port Harcourt.

Contact 08137933843 For Registration.


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