13 Tips For Ladies When Going Out On A Date 2018

Below are the 13 essential tips for ladies when going out on a date with her hobby. Recently there have been issues of ladies being harassed by men when on a date, these 13 tips for ladies are sure to help end every harassment from any guy or your hobby. Read them and command respect today. Written by ID-Great Adegoke, Relationship Expert.
1. Carry Your Transport Fare (to and fro)
Try not to plan on the man's budget so you don't get disappointed. Anything can happen and you might want to dismiss the date untimely.
2. Dress Decently 
Wear calm colors, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, not the ones that will make you lose your steps.
Do not dress to expose your cleavage, you will be sending a wrong message if you do so and might lead to rape. Your makeup should be moderate.
3. Don't Keep Your Date A Secret
Tell someone you trust about your date. Make sure where you are going to and with whom is known to someone close to you.
4. Don't Over Use Your Privilege
Don't place excessive order for food or drinks. Even if you are very hungry, tame your appetite until you get home.
5. Eat What You Are Comfortable With
It's always nice to try new things but its best to avoid them if you have a sensitive stomach. Also, avoid the bones that's not the time to crack all the bones so as to get the juice and marrow. Use cutleries you are comfortable with demand for spoon if need be rather than struggle with fork and knife.
6.  Maintain A Positive Attitude
Not every guy has negative intentions, so try to avoid generalization while having a discussion.
7. Avoid Alcoholic Drinks
Try to avoid alcohol but if you must, don't drink too much, a glass is fine,don't get to the point were you are tipsy.
8. Pick An Interesting Conversation 
Be interested in the conversation by all means, avoid fondling with your phone. If. you don't like where the date is heading, end it early enough.
9. Be Observant And Time Conscious.
A responsible lady will give a time tag to an outing, it won't speak well of you if you stay out very late at night.
  Men are like cats, they love curiosity so
don't give him all the necessary information about you in one meeting, wet his appetite, if he is interested in you, he will ask for more.
10.Mind Your Social Graces And Etiquette
Your manners tell a lot about you.
Picking your nose is unacceptable.
 Make sure you have your handkerchief handy.
11. Don't Turn The Meeting To A Therapy Session
That's not the appropriate time to download all the problems you are facing.
Everyone has problems, so try not to over burden the guy with yours.
12. Be Yourself
Don't attempt to be what/who you are not.
Originality is beautiful.
Don't fake an accent. Be confident and comfortable being you.
13. Send A Thank You Message.
Everyone likes to be appreciated.
This adds to a list of your goodness.


I hope this wonderful list helps someone take charge of any future dates. Please do well to share this post and help someone out there.


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