12 Creative Photos Taken By Photographers At Bole Festival 2018


Talking about Bole Festival 2018, Some say knowing a creative photographer check his archives, apparently they were over 20 photographers who came to the just concluded Bole festival and i found only few creative enough to pay attention to details.

Below are the top creative photos from bole festival 2018...

12 - The Laughing Couples

So i saw this picture and am wondering what made them laugh this hard and got the photographer so interest in them. Kudos to the guy behind that camera.

11 - The Giant Burger

This is for the foodies in the house, this is so yummy and creative. so am wondering how the some creative minds thought of this and the stress they went though just to get this done. don't forget the person behind the shot thought of its creativity and gave us a memory.

10 - The Snooker Guy

So am not a snooker person, in fact have never played it before in my life, but i love watching people play it because its kind of fun. What i love most is the angle the photographer got it from, that's a wow shot!

9 - Man Behind The Mask

How many of you have watched the movie scream ? This guy over here reminds me of the serial killer in that movie. Two things i can say for this photo, the guy love his beer and hides his fact so his pastor cannot spot him. But can you hide from the man behind the camera ?

8 - The Eating Principal

Most of you will see this as an ordinary photo, but i see something extra ordinary here. Olumati Isaiah smashing bole and fish. The photographer got him right on time, Kudos!

7 - Roasted Chicken

Is it just me or i can't resist when am offered a roasted chicken dipped in oil. This can be breath taking, but am sure we all can resist it when we can't afford it. I guess the photographer can't afford it so he took pictures so we can all look and get satisfied. Kudos to the brain behind the camera.

6 - The Selfie Crew

Out of 100% of people who came to bole festival, i can say that 90% of the people with smart phones took selfies. This selfie group and the photographer deserve an award.

5 - The Food Lover

This is just a photocopy of me in a different environment. Am so much of a food lover and i tell you the only time i resist food is when am filled up. Kudos to the photographer of this crazy shot.

4 - The Bole Cake

So when i first saw this cake, i thought it was just another usual bole stand, until i was told this was a cake. This is creativity on a different level, lets not forget about the photographer behind the shot.

3 - The Smoky Guy

What comes to your mind when you see this ? Mehn, this guy gat no chill. I have nothing much to say, but the photographer is just the best.

1 - The Shisha Girl

As much as i love when girl free themselves in public, this babe gat no chill, She makes our number. Hope she does not see this.

Photo Credit:

John Eke

Emmanuel Okala

Tina Hephzibah

Miebaka James-Oba

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