Blogger Slams Duncan Mighty For Allegedly Denying Beating Wife, Shows Proof


Port Harcourt based blogger slams Duncan mighty for denying beating wife on recent post on social media.

According to him, he showed proof of Duncan's house were his wife took pictures and the recent pictures of his wife beaten to pulp.

He said...

The way people defend Duncan Wene Mighty for his weak counter is laughable. He claims that the woman isn't his wife. Who is she please? His wife that we know again.. A woman who sat on the chairs in his living room? Yes! That's his sitting room. Was his wife photoshopped? Abi were they acting a movie in his house? Infact ehn, let me post a video of Marvis of #BBNaija in his sitting room, seated on the very same chair his wife Vivian was sitting on after being battered. He even posted the video i'm lifting on IG by himself, acknowledging the fact that they ( Marvis Nkpornwi and her team) visited his palace. I have saved the video so he wouldn't have the chance to delete it. I will share the link with you too, just incase he doesn't. I'm not one too quick to be deceived.

See Video...


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