Press Release: Garden City Advancement Award Set To Hold 3rd Nov. 2018


The Garden City Advancement Award is a private sector initiative of Heritage-Plus borne out of dedication and passion to support genuine effort from private and public-spirited organisation aimed at fast tracking the growth and advancement of the Garden City.

The Award which is put in place to honour young and old individuals who has made the Garden City great.  Since its first edition in 2014, they have honoured and awarded top officials from the Niger Delta Region and it’s environs.

The voting process is being handled by high-tech team to ensure no scam as each vote is being counted live on their official website

Although, before the voting process took place, nomination details were sent out to the public as to make sure the people select their choice of personality who deserve am award in this year GACAA.

According to the team of the GACA Award, this year the award is out bigger and better as its slated to hold Saturday 3rd November 2018. The time is 6PM, Blue Carpet Kicks Off by 4:30PM. The venue for this year GACAA is the Aztec Acurm Events Center,  Port Harcourt.

As much as the Garden City Advancement Award 2018 will be celebrating youths and the old who as impacted the Garden City positively, this great event is strictly by invitation.



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