“I Was Nearly Sent To Prison For Alledgly Killing A Man” – D’Smart


Nigeria artiste Darlington Smart also known as D'Smart as shared a shocking moment he nearly went to prison for alledgly killing a man.

D'Smart who shared his story on a TV show known as PECULIAR MOMENTS, he talked about how God intervened and saved him years back when he thought he had killed a man in an auto crash.

According to him it all happened when he was driving with a friend and he was on top speed, suddenly a bike man was just beside him, in an attempt to overtake this man, he rammed his car to a wall hereby destroying the car beyond repair, everyone thought he had died but suddenly came out without a scratch, his friend also survived the crash meanwhile the bike man was lying lifeless.

He went to the nearby Police Station to report himself as a good citizen which led to his arrest, although he did not spend the night in the station cell due to some people who came to his rescue.

When he thought all hope had lost as he would end up going to prison for killing a man, barely 3 days later after the terrible accident, he received a call that the bike man whom he thought he had killed has woken up in the hospital, that he has been in coma since the accident.

He said "God showed himself to me like never before".

D'Smart Shared this shocking history, at the Perculiar Moments show which was being shot the leading Gold City Entertainment Center in Port Harcourt.


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