Ex-Corps Member Who Trekked Two Years Ago Laments As Governor Gifts Another Trekker A Car


Ex-Corps member Dave uwakwe who trekked from Abia State to Rivers State in celebration of the Golden Jubilee in 2017, Laments on Social Media.

The Ex-Corper is definitely not happy as Governor Elect of Rivers State gifts another trekker a car while he got just Handkerchiefs, T-shirts and empty promises.

Mc Dave who is currently an OAP working with Wish FM, went on Social Media to congratulate the Governor on his victory as the Governor Elect of Rivers State, is seeking recognition and appreciation by the Government for his bravery two years ago.

He Said...

They say when success is in your neighborhood be optimistic that it will visit your home soon, am happy that the Executive Governor of Rivers State Chief Barrister Nyesom Wike just gifted a friend that trekked from Ahoada down to Port Harcourt a car, it explains my 2days of wallowing in the bush in between Abia and Rivers state as I trekked a 116.3 kilometers from Umuahia to Port Harcourt during the Rivers state Golden jubilee isn't in vain...

Some tag #iwaka4rivers a movement at the wrong timing, others say its a foolish exercise but I will never regret it as my intentions was to express my profound love to the Governor and to the land I was born and raised (Rivers State)
This video for me is a reminder and a call to our amiable Governor to remember me too as He is in His rewarding mode

I like to plead that anyone who sees this post to help me push it across till it gets to our GOVERNOR.

Car Gift From Governor

Man Who Trekked From Ahoada To Government House

Below Are Pictures From Two Years Ago When He Was Welcomed By The Golden Jubilee Committee.

At the time of filing this report, no attempt as been made by the ruling cabinet to contact the Ex-corper.


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