My Mum Doesn’t Know Any Port Harcourt Artiste Aside Duncan Mighty And Dandizzy – Upcoming Artiste


An upcoming artiste has cried out in pain, lamenting on the ongoing banter between some Port Harcourt artiste And booking fees.

This was made public by the upcoming artiste on a comment made by a PR professional where he asked a music duo to pay their producers.

Speaking he said, his mother does not know any Port Harcourt artiste aside Dandizzy and Duncan Mighty.

He said;

Ajebo hustlers say to book Dem for show na 300k, how much be erigga na? 200k and he will shutdown the stage well for you!!!

The problem with PH Artist is that dey r after money more than fame, my mother in the house doesn't know any Port Harcourt artist not 2kay, not Dr barz, not idahims, not ajebo hustlers, not eddieroll, not any port Harcourt artist but just ducan mighty, dandizzy, and me her son!!!

You then know that it's only port Harcourt city that know these people, go and make your findings and reply me!!!

Tell all port Harcourt artist to forget money and chase fame first, if dey call you for show as a Port Harcourt artist think of fame and fan base first before money, dandizzy PERFORm for rsu for 5k or less straight times and gained fame, now she how much he charges now???

That's the business not calling money that your dad can't spend on you for others to pay you!!!

As far as am concerned all the pH artist that hosted shows,all dia show flopped , all of Dem, mention as many as you know and I will tell you how much dia show flop scatter!!!

2019 was indeed a good year for the Port Harcourt entertainment industry And stakeholders. This came with bants from bloggers and OAPs in General.

Expect more bants from the industry This year.


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